Google flies a plane with no seats to fly people to New York City

Google’s aircraft has flown passengers on a private plane in New York and Boston for nearly two years without passengers, but now the company says it is abandoning the plan for the first time.

The New York-based search giant announced in January that it would fly private jets to the city of New York from its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The plane, the first to fly in the United States without passengers in more than 20 years, would carry only about 70 passengers and cost about $150,000.

The plane would fly between Boston and New York in a single day, and Google said it would be operated by a subsidiary of the California-based Boeing Co., according to a statement released Tuesday.

Google’s search engine is also working on a new type of aircraft to be used by airlines to fly passengers between their hubs.

It is not clear how that will affect Google’s new plan.

The company had previously said that its new plane would not have passengers.

The planes that have flown private flights in the U.S. are often smaller, often flying just one passenger, said Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Alphabet Inc., the company’s parent company.

The Google planes would not be powered by conventional engines, and the pilots would not sit in seats in the front of the plane.

Google’s planes fly in circles and have a single pilot, but they also are powered by compressed air, which is less efficient than diesel.

Google plans to test a small version of the aircraft that would have four seats and fly between New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

A Google spokesperson said the company would provide details on the pilot’s role in the plane’s operation in coming weeks.