Why it’s OK to explore the world’s oceans

Sportswear company Nike is offering its fans a chance to explore an ocean, with the release of its latest shoe. 

The Nike Air Zoom is designed with the ocean in mind, with a water-resistant, breathable mesh that will allow fans to float in the water as they explore. 

“Ocean explorer” is a brand name for the Nike Air Zoom and it is designed with the goal of “fostering and inspiring exploration” in the ocean. 

Nikes ocean explorer series of shoes have been worn by athletes including LeBron James, Usain Bolt and even Tiger Woods. 

They have also been worn during Olympic games, including the 2016 London Games.

Nike has been releasing more ocean explorer shoes this year, with some of the more notable releases being the Air Zoom 3 and the Nike Zoom 3 Max. 

While many fans might be drawn to the ocean as a destination, it is important to note that these shoes do not offer any extra support, meaning they may not be as water resistant as the other Nike Air shoes.