How to Find the Best Movie for a Dad in the ’60s

“He was a young boy,” says the man behind the iconic 1965 Ford Explorer.

“I was the one that brought him home.”

The Ford Explorer is the classic American car of the ’50s, and it’s still in demand today.

It’s also a beloved vehicle, with Ford saying that about 90% of the cars it makes are exported.

But it’s also an object of pride in Ford’s American history.

And for the first time, Ford has created a commemorative version of the Explorer.

The company will be releasing the commemorative Explorer in limited quantities starting in June.

Here’s what you need to know about the 1965 Ford.

What’s an Explorer?

Ford has sold more than 2.2 million Explorer sedans since 1965, when it launched the model.

That’s about four times the number of sedans sold during the same time period.

The Explorer has become a cult icon.

It was the only car that had a front fascia that extended to the back of the vehicle, which helped make it easier to park and move around.

It also offered a spacious interior, which was made possible by its compact size.

Ford also launched the Explorer in 1966, offering the car in black, chrome, and white, with a variety of options.

The first Model S was unveiled in the fall of 1966, and the next year, the company launched the Ford Ranger, which featured a larger trunk.

In 1969, Ford introduced the Expedition.

And, with the launch of the Ford Explorer and Ranger in 1968, Ford’s Explorer lineup grew to include the Ford Falcon, the Ford Expedition, the Chrysler 300, and even the Ford F-150 pickup truck.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the car, Ford is releasing a limited edition version of its iconic Explorer.

You’ll be able to pick one up in limited numbers starting June 15th.

You’ll also be able buy it in limited edition black, gold, or platinum versions, and in limited run versions with leather seats, tinted windows, and custom paint.