Redford’s ‘explorers’ movie opens at the box office, making $1.8M in North America

REDFORD, N.J. — The latest blockbuster to be released on VOD is Redford and the Explorers.

The $2.1M film, based on the popular books by John Green and Michael Chabon, will begin in the United States on June 30, and will open nationwide on July 10.

The film will open wide with a limited theatrical run at the Sundance Film Festival.

The first weekend gross of $924K is a first for a film starring Redford.

The movie has been a critical hit, with critics calling it a “classic,” “excellent,” “brilliant,” and “unparalleled.”

The film is the latest to hit the U.S. and Canada, which has been slow to release movies with the same budget and the same star power.

The latest “explorers” film, Lionsgate’s Lionsgate-MGM Pictures’ “The Expanse,” is projected to make $2 million this weekend.

The original “explorer” movie starring Redidford starred Jennifer Garner, Jason Momoa, Zachary Quinto, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Redford plays a man who joins the expedition after a tragic accident in a mysterious island, and the movie will play to a different audience in North American and Canadian theaters.

“We’re going to be doing some special things to try to draw audiences in the U/C/A,” Redford told The Associated Press.

“The people in those countries are not going to get the same kind of excitement.

It’s going to feel different.”

Redford is known for his role in “The Adventures of Puss in Boots,” a movie he co-wrote with Robert Redford, that won four Academy Awards.

“It’s an adventure movie,” Redfords son said of “The Explorers.”

“He’s a great actor, and we’ve worked together for quite a while.

He’s an amazing filmmaker.

He understands what he’s doing and what’s fun.

He can’t do a lot of things with his own money.

We can’t put a movie together with the money he’s making for this, and that’s the truth.”

Redfolds wife, Lizzy, has a busy schedule of movies including “The Blacklist,” which opens June 22, and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” which is scheduled to open June 28.

Redfells “exploration” is set in the 19th century New York City, which is a place of adventure.

The main characters are John, a ship captain, and his wife, Mary, a nurse.

Redden is the ship’s navigator, while Mary is the pilot.

The family visits an island where the family is kidnapped by an enemy.

Redidens wife is rescued by her father.

He meets a woman, Marge, and is intrigued by her and her love of horses.

Red is the only person in the family who isn’t in the expedition.

“I’ve been a big fan of the Redford family and John Green for a long time, so it’s a very natural connection,” said actor Quinto.

“A lot of these characters in the books are very familiar.

So when we were writing the script, we thought about all the different kinds of people we might have encountered.

And it seemed like the perfect way to bring that world to life.”

Redden told The AP he and his co-stars have been working on the movie for months.

“As soon as we started shooting, I was blown away by the passion, the energy and the energy of the cast and crew,” he said.

“There’s something about John’s enthusiasm that makes him a real star.

The script was very ambitious, and it was the first time we’d worked on it that we were really, really excited to work on it.

There was so much energy and excitement on set.”

The movie will be directed by David Michod, a longtime Green Brothers executive.

Red, who is an avid film buff, has also directed several television shows including “Big Little Lies,” “The Librarians,” “Criminal Minds,” “Lost,” “American Horror Story,” and more.

“My wife Lizzy and I are both huge fans of John Green,” Red said.

“The Exporers” stars Jennifer Garner and Jason Momoi, among others.

Red’s son, Zach, is playing the ship captain.

The film will be based on Green’s books “The Passage” and “Lost in Space.”

“It was a great opportunity to create a story that is completely new to me,” Red, said.

The story focuses on an explorer on a long-term mission who returns to a distant world and discovers that the Earth has been overrun by alien forces, which he must fight for his own survival. Red