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Explore how the 2018 Ford Explorer compares to the other cars on offer, as well as what you can expect from 2019 Ford Explorer in the coming years.

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Drive it all, and you’ll find that Ford Explorer is an attractive, fast, safe and fun car.

2018 Ford Explorer performanceThe 2018 Ford explorer has a 3.6-litre, V6 petrol engine and a six-speed automatic gearbox.

It’s a four-door car with an attractive body style and a range of choices for its buyers.

The 2018 Explorer comes standard with a standard 2.4-litres turbocharged V6, but it can be upgraded with a four.0-litrewillow six-cylinder engine, or a six.3-litrex six-turbocharged V8 engine.

For the cheapest option, the new 2018 Ford explorers get a 2.6litre turbocharged engine with a 1,000bhp and 615lb ft of torque.

There’s also an optional option for a 1.7litre twin-turbonated V6 with 1,400bhp, 615lbs ft and a 2,100lb ft torque.

The 2018 model starts at $27,995.

Pricing is available for a full-size 2019 Ford explorer as well, with a base price of $29,495, or for a new 2019 Ford exploration with an optional 3.0litre six-liter engine, the price goes up to $33,995, or the option of a 4.0 litre twin turbocharged six-cam V8 with a 6,000lb ft and 1,900bhp.

2019 Ford Explorer trimThe 2019 Ford explorers look and feel similar to their 2017 models.

All the standard features of the 2018 Explorer come standard, but there are some changes that will have an impact on the price.

First, there’s a new look for the 2018 model.

It’s got a new hood and tailgate and is the first time Ford has gone for a fully aluminium front fascia in a long time.

Ford has also replaced the fog lights with LED headlamps, a bold design that makes it easy to spot the new engine.

It can also display information such as the EcoBoost petrol or the new 2.0L TDI turbocharged petrol engine in the instrument cluster.

The cabin is also upgraded with leather seating, and a bigger rear view mirror.

While the cabin is still relatively simple, there are new interior design choices for the 2019 Ford Expedition.

It includes more legroom and a more modern, high-tech cabin.

Inside, the standard 2-in-1 instrument panel has been replaced with a more traditional 2-inch touch-screen display, with an array of new controls.

New Ford Explorer Sport features include a power-adjustable seat and the ability to park the car in a variety of different settings, including manual or manual-drive, EcoBoost or Diesel.