How to Know You’re Worth It for Your Favorite Famous Explorers

The following is a list of the top-rated celebrity explorers of all time.

These explorers have taken us through their journeys to discover more about their passions and lives.

And yes, they have been great explorers and we admire them for it.

Here are the 10 most influential explorers of the past 200 years.


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The famed explorer who first set foot on the moon.

The story of his first expedition begins when he was just 15 years old, during the height of the Civil War.

He was part of a team that spent two months traveling through the Mojave Desert.

While on the way, they crossed the Rio Grande and went on a 14-day journey to the Rio de la Plata.

During that time, he encountered Native Americans, and after the journey, they met a local boy named Samuel Beckett.

Beckett was also a member of the group and had a story to tell.

In his autobiography, he described his time with the group.

“I had a dream I could travel with the Indians.

It was like a dream come true,” he wrote.

“As I began to walk the plains and see their settlements and the great abundance of the earth, my eyes were opened to the mystery of life.”

In the book, he wrote that he thought the journey was a dream, but it was actually a part of his dream.

He continued on the journey to Mexico.

He would spend more than 40 days on the desert.

After his journey, he left the group in a state of excitement.

He wrote that “I was ready to go to the South Pacific.

I was hungry and thirsty.

I had a great desire to go and meet and talk with the people of the world.”

He also wrote that the journey had changed his life and gave him a new appreciation for life.

He felt like he was “on the way to something that was very real.”


Thomas Edison Thomas Edison’s career was short-lived.

Edison died in 1901 at the age of 44.

His death was caused by a severe infection.

However, he was remembered as a great inventor, a great scientist and an amazing artist.

Edison’s first wife, Marie Louise, died in 1893 and the couple had no children.

When his daughter was born, she was named Alice.

Thomas died in 1903.

He had a passion for science and had been studying it for more than a decade.

He loved writing books and having his children study science.


Sir Henry Haldane The renowned astronomer who made famous the first successful radio broadcast in England in 1918.

He also founded the first radio telescope in 1855.

Sir Haldanes discovery of pulsars, which were neutron stars that shine a light similar to that of a star, was the first known pulsar.

The discovery helped prove the existence of black holes.

In a stroke of genius, he created the first satellite to orbit the earth in 1873.

He made millions off of the discoveries that he made and helped bring about the end of the war in the First World War.

The only person to ever earn a Nobel Prize for scientific achievement was Sir Henry who received the prize in 1929.

He died in 1953.

He studied astrophysics at Oxford and the Royal Observatory.


Paul McCartney Paul McCartney was one of the biggest names in rock music.

He became the first artist to break through the Top 40 hit charts and he has since become a rock star in his own right.

In the late 1960s, McCartney was known for a song called “Sugar Magnolia.”

The song was written about his relationship with a woman named Mariah, who was the daughter of one of his biggest fans, John Lennon.

The song became a hit and McCartney became a household name.

McCartney became an American Idol judge, recording a number of songs for the show.

He went on to record two albums with The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The White Album.

He won several Grammy Awards including “Best Rock Performance.”


George Clooney George Cloherty was born in Paris in 1951.

His father was a film producer who also had a successful career as a playwright.

George started acting when he attended the University of Chicago in 1959.

His family moved to London when he turned 14 and Cloherty’s father, George Clohey, moved to America.

Cloherty later worked in New York as an assistant director on television shows including “The Wonder Years.”

Cloherty, who has starred in dozens of movies, including the 2013 movie “The Social Network,” has been married to model Kate Moss for over six years.


John Lennon Lennon became an important figure in the Beatles music career.

Lennon was born on April 22, 1947.

He came to fame as the lead singer of the band, the Beatles.

He and his band mates formed the Beatles in 1969.

The band released their first single “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in