Why are people staying in Venice?

Venice is a city with a unique history and it’s a city where we want to make a difference.

This is why we’re here.

And we’re staying.

We are going to do it again, this time with more passion and with a different mindset.

This time, we want people to come back and make a big impact.

We want people here to have a better life, to be able to take advantage of the city’s rich cultural and culinary scene.

We also want to create a better environment for our employees, because we know they are a big part of the Venetian experience.

Our employees have a passion for our city, they are loyal to the people they work with and we are committed to their wellbeing.

So we want them to feel welcome and valued.

This is the first time we’ve hosted an event in the city since the summer of 2016, and we’re excited to be back.