NFL players, teams to share cost of a new driver’s license in 2018

NFL players and teams will share the cost of their driver’s licenses in 2018, but players and coaches will not receive a cut, the league announced Tuesday.

In a letter sent to players, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that all players and employees will be reimbursed for their license costs in 2018.

The league said it will continue to pay for the cost for 2018 but will offer its drivers license reimbursement programs to employees, coaches and employees of NFL clubs and individual players who sign with other NFL teams.

In addition to the drivers license program, the NFL is offering its teams, including the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos, a “free and immediate” drivers license for all players.

The NFL said teams will also receive the cost to replace a lost or stolen license for players and other employees.

The players union said it was pleased with the new plan and that the players have been supportive of the league in making its driver’s licensing program a more efficient one.

The NFLPA said the decision to reduce the number of licenses for each team would have been easier and cost-effective had it been made in August, and that it had no issue with the players union’s position.

The players union has been working to increase the number and number of players who receive driver’s licences, and the players association will continue its fight, the union said.

The new plan will allow the league to continue to provide drivers licenses to players who already have them, including in cases when a player or employee has died.