ESPN Sports Explorer: A look at the most-popular sports apps and the most popular websites

The sports industry is on fire.

A new survey by The Nielsen Company, released on Tuesday, showed that ESPN’s NFL app is the most downloaded sports app in the U.S., with more than 1 billion downloads, more than the NFL’s other NFL app, NFL Mobile, and ahead of the NBA’s App of the Week.

ESPN’s MLB app is also the most searched app, followed by and MLB Network, according to Nielsen.

The survey was conducted on March 11-13, with an oversample of over 1 million users, according the company.

“ESPN’s NFL NFL App is the top-selling app in both the U, the U+1 and the U-1 markets,” the survey said.

“Sports fans around the world are eagerly anticipating a live game, a game that they can watch on their phones or tablets.”

The app is owned by ESPN and the NFL, and users can purchase a game in the App of The Week.

The app was recently rebranded as the NFL Experience, and it now has its own official website.

ESPN is also working on a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Roku.

The company is also launching a new ESPN Sports Radio app, which will allow fans to listen to games on their smartphones or tablets.

ESPN also recently announced a partnership with the NBA for a new, high-definition video stream of every NBA game, which is available on a variety of devices.

ESPN has also recently expanded its sports programming, adding two live broadcasts a day, and the company is bringing in new games and new announcers each week. 

According to Nielsen, ESPN’s sports apps accounted for 39 percent of the top 100 app downloads in the United States in March, which represented a jump of 8.4 percent from February, when the company had just six app downloads.

The number of top-10 downloads grew by 12 percent, from 11.1 million in February to 12.2 million in March.

ESPNs NFL app saw the biggest growth, with 1.6 billion downloads in March (up 5 percent from March 2015), according to the Nielsen report.

In addition to the NFL app and MLB app, ESPN also had the top two apps for its mobile network, which includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, and WatchESPN.

In March, ESPN3 was the top app for mobile and desktop, with 5.2 billion downloads.

ESPN was the No. 1 app for desktop in the USA in March and is No. 2 for mobile in the UK. 

ESPNs NBA app saw a big jump in downloads in February and was the third most-used app in March behind the NBA App of THE WEEK and the NBA TV App, the company said. 

The NBA’s new app is available for iOS devices, Android devices, Roku, and Apple TV.