What are the next few months going to be like for Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Go craze has been a huge boon to the game’s popularity, with more than 10 million downloads for the game, according to NPD.

Pokemon Go has also helped Nintendo and its partner companies such as Disney and Electronic Arts continue to develop their own apps for the mobile game.

Nintendo’s Niantic, meanwhile, is working on its own augmented reality game, Project Andromeda.

Nintendo will be launching a special Pikachu themed Nintendo Switch console in Japan later this year that features a new “pikachu-themed controller.”

Nintendo also has a slew of upcoming games to announce in the near future. 

On the other hand, Pokemon Go fans are getting ready for the release of another Pokemon title.

Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Gold are all coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

Pokemon GO is set to arrive in November. 

As the Pokemon Go hype grows, we will be updating this article to give you the latest on the Pokemon GO hype in the United States. 

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