How to get your feet wet in the new Rolex Explorer II

Exploring the latest Rolex exploration ii range from its new flagship explorer to its latest smartwatch, there’s no shortage of content.

But the latest edition of the Explorer II is the most interesting to date, and it’s one of the first to offer the brand’s new smartwatch features.

We have a full-on hands-on with the Explorer 2 and are in touch with the company to get an inside look at the new smart watch.

Read moreExploring the new Explorer IIRead full reviewRolex explorer iRX is one of a new breed of wearable devices that can track activity, sleep, read your thoughts and even track your heart rate.

The device is designed to be more wearable than other smartwatches.

It features a new face and strap, a new heart rate monitor and a new sensor to measure your blood pressure and oxygen levels.

You can also set the watch to wake up when you’re tired, when you’ve slept, when the temperature is above a certain threshold, or when you go to sleep.

It can even record a detailed sleep log.

The smartwatch itself is made of a metal frame and silicone band, and is covered in a leather-like material that looks like it might be a little scratchy.

The wrist band is designed with a circular groove that can be swiped across the top of the watch for adjusting the watch’s size.

The Explorer II also offers a new feature called ‘Avengers Mode’, which can be set to switch between a range of watch faces, including an image from a photo app, a picture of a person, and an image of a car.

It lets you change the watch face and watch face theme on a per-watch basis, but it also includes an option to adjust the watch faces to match your skin tone.

There are also a number of new features and functionality in the Explorer iRx Explorer II.

It has a new display that is larger and more curved than the one in the previous Explorer.

The watch can now be worn with a band.

The screen is also wider and more flexible.

There’s a new power button on the side of the device that lets you choose between a wide variety of settings.

You’ll also find a new ‘sleep’ setting.

You now get to select between a few different modes for your watch: Sleep, Activity, or Watch.

The latter is useful for when you need to sleep but the watch still wants to be awake.

There is a new watch face called ‘Rox’ which is the name of the brand Rolex, and you can now change it from a standard face to a dark ‘Rax’ face.

It features an image for the face, as well as a countdown timer and a bar graph.

The new Explorer also includes the ability to adjust and adjust the display, with an ‘always on’ setting that lets it switch between black and white or between white and grey.

You also get a new battery life indicator, which shows the percentage of the battery remaining in the watch.