Why does it take so long to find a cure for AIDS?

A man with the flu virus, infected with a deadly strain of the virus, has found a cure.

A medical researcher at the University of Washington says the drug could make people completely immune to the virus.

A team of doctors at the university have developed a new antiviral drug that’s capable of neutralizing the deadly coronavirus.

It’s the first time such a drug has been developed in the United States, said Dr. Robert Zimring, chief of the division of medicine at the Seattle University School of Medicine.

The drug is already approved for use in some European countries.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working on approving it for use elsewhere.

Zimring is among the team that created a new drug, called Sovaldi.

The researchers say it’s not as good as the first-generation drug Sovaldi, which was approved for the U.K. in July.

But it’s better than the drug Sovacor, the company that had been the first to develop it in the U-K.

Zimbring says the new drug has some advantages.

It can be given in a single dose, and there are more patients who are in need of the drug than were before.

The price is also lower.

Zimbring said the drug has a high safety profile.

The first drug to be approved in the US for a coronaviruses drug, Sovaldi has been given to more than 30,000 people, according to the agency.

Sovaldi was developed by Pfizer and Merck, and Pfizer has since licensed it to Novartis, a drug maker that has been making Sovaldi since 1999.

Zimerring said his team has been studying the drug and have found some advantages over Sovacors.

The virus is not as aggressive, and people can recover in about four weeks without surgery, he said.

Sovacorp is also more potent, and it is being used more widely, and that makes it easier for people to get a shot.

Zimmerman said it was the first step in developing a new type of antiviral treatment for the coronaviral strain, which kills more than 4,000 Americans a day.

The strain of coronavirosts, which includes SARS, has infected more than 10,000 U.s. and U.N. peacekeepers, according for a recent study by the CDC.ZIMRING: The most powerful coronavireptive drug ever developed by human medicineThe first new antivirals are expected to be on the market within a year, he added.