Inside Ford Explorer 2015 ford Explorer 2016

Inside Ford’s new Explorer lineup is a new SUV that starts at $28,995.

That’s right, the new 2016 model of the Explorer will cost a whopping $28 million less than the 2017 model.

It’s the Explorer’s biggest leap since its debut in 2007.

The new 2016 Ford Explorer will come with a new interior, but it won’t include any changes to the standard Explorer package, such as the optional 8.0-liter V6.

The base Explorer is the most powerful model in the lineup, with an EPA-estimated rating of 32 mpg city and 35 mpg highway.

Ford has been selling the base model of Explorer 2016 for $28.5 million.

The 2016 model is available in four different trim levels: Standard, Advanced, Sport and Luxury.

We’ll break down all four levels in a moment, but the Sport edition starts at a more reasonable $27,995, while the Advanced, Luxury and Premium editions start at a bit more than $28 thousand.

The Sport package includes: Aluminum alloy wheels, 18-inch wheels with 245/40R17 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, a 7.0 L V6 engine, Navigation System with voice-activated navigation, heated and ventilated front seats, rear seats with heated and enclosed headrests, a headrest sensor, power moonroof, heated sunroof and power door locks, power windows with rear curtain fans, power audio with Dolby Atmos sound system, power folding mirrors, power tilt and telescoping rear seats, power door lock, power heated rear seats and power mirrors, Power windows with heated headrest, Power folding mirrors and power roof racks, Power heated rear seat and power retractable sunrooftops, Power sunroosters, Power foldable sunshades, Power roof racks and power sunroaches.

All models have a base price of $30,900.

There are also three optional upgrades: Navigation System plus iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a 6.5-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, a rear view camera and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

You’ll need to get an Apple CarPass pass, and Ford will sell you a $500 iPhone for $1,000.

The next level of the 2016 Explorer is available for $33,995 with a slightly higher price tag.

Ford is offering this new model with the most advanced exterior, as well as more power, features and tech.

There’s a 12-speaker sound system with Dol by Dol sound, adaptive headlights and an all-new Active Brake Assist system that’s been specifically tuned for the 2016 Ford.

Ford says the new Active Brakes system “reduces rear-end speed and improves road feel and stability for more fun and safety.”

The new 2017 Explorer will also come with Ford’s optional Active Braking Assist.

There is a 4.4 L V8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission.

The car also gets a new, stronger rear bumper, which will give the car more grip.

Ford will offer a standard 10-speed manual transmission, which can be purchased for $2,999.

The Explorer will be available in the Ford Escape, Escape S, Xtreme, Premier, Premier X and Premier XL trim levels, as they are all available with the base Explorer.

In addition, Ford is launching a new model for the new 2017 model year: the Expedition.

The Expedition comes with a five-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a six-speeder sound system.

The SUV has an EPA rating of 26 mpg in the city and 32 mPG highway, and the base vehicle comes with six-passenger sport seats, a sunroofer, power mirrors and heated front seats.

The 2017 Expedition will cost $39,995 and it’s available with a base Price of $47,995; it’s also available with optional Power Windows and Power Sunroof.

The Luxury version of the Expedition is available with standard power windows, power roof rack, power sunshade and power folding rear seats.

In order to get the Sport and Premium levels, you’ll need an optional $1.1 million Apple Car Pass pass.

There will also be an optional, $1 million CarPass Pass.

In all, the Explorer 2016 comes with 12 new features, including Apple CarPasses, Ford’s CarPass and the new iPhone 7+.

Ford is not changing the base price.

Ford claims the new Explorer will start shipping in the third quarter of this year.

The automaker has also updated the 2016 lineup to include the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, which comes with the new 4.2-liter EcoBoost engine and the redesigned F-350 Raptor SUV.

The Raptor will cost an additional $4,000 when it arrives, but that’s a lot cheaper than the previous-generation Raptor.

The F-450 will be the first Raptor to go into production.