How to get around the city: the best public transport in Australia

The Australian Financial Reviews understands the NSW government is planning to launch an innovative public transport scheme which would see public transport routes expanded by the length of the CBD and the outer suburbs.

The idea would see rail lines built from Darling Harbour to the Northern Beaches.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Department of Transport said the scheme was still being finalised and the NSW Government would release details once it had completed the feasibility study.

She said the Government would also consider the public’s views about how public transport could be more efficient and responsive to local needs.

“The NSW Government’s focus will be on developing a public transport system that meets people’s needs, while ensuring public transport systems are resilient to changes in demand and transport networks,” she said.

However, the NSW Premier has been scathing of the plan.

Premier Daniel Andrews said it would mean “we’ll have the same public transport network for years and years, but at a cost”.

“People in the inner city are going to have to pay more to get to work, to get from the office to the shops, to the train station, to catch the tram,” he said.

“This will only make it more expensive to go to work and it will increase the cost of living in the city.”

If you want to live in Sydney you have to be able to afford it.

“A spokesperson for the Northern Territory Government said it was exploring the idea but the NT Government was also working on a new transport strategy.

Transport for the Greater Sydney also confirmed it was considering the idea.”

The Transport for the greater Sydney project is in the early stages of feasibility studies, and is still in early stages, but we will share more information about the project as it develops,” a spokesperson said.