What Ford explorer dimensions is driving its next vehicle?

The Ford Explorer has been on the market for five years and is now poised to launch a new generation, one that may change the face of the automotive industry.

The Explorer SUV is being built by the Ford nameplate for the third time in a row.

Ford will build the next generation at the Fremont plant in California.

The Ford Expedition is being made at the same factory.

Ford has been working on the Explorer for two years, and the company said at the end of last year that it would begin mass production in 2019.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said that the Explorer would have a “sophisticated” interior, and that it will feature a variety of technologies, including autonomous driving, a new hybrid engine, and more.

The Explorer will be able to travel on the highway with a maximum speed of 35 mph and a top speed of 130 mph.

The new vehicle will also be equipped with new technologies that will help with the vehicle’s safety and to reduce fuel consumption.

The next Explorer will have a front seat that will seat four people, including a driver and two passengers.

The front seat can also be folded into a suitcase.

In addition to the front seat, the Explorer will feature two large, rear-facing infotainment displays, with the driver and passengers facing one another.

Ford said that it wanted to have a system in place that allowed passengers to take turns driving the Explorer, with no one in the vehicle, which could help reduce the chance of a collision.

“Our customers want to be in control of the vehicle and they want to take it from point A to point B,” Fields said.

“So we wanted to give them the ability to be a passenger in the car.”

Ford said that all of the new Explorer’s components will be made in-house.

The company also said that there will be an additional 1,100 seats in the new vehicle, with seats that can be folded and stowed in the trunk.

Ford expects the new vehicles to start shipping in 2019, though it will likely take several more years before the vehicle is ready for prime time.