‘We can’t believe that we’re on the eve of the next great automotive journey’: Ford to unveil 2021 Ford Explorer for $36,000

For all the hype about the Ford Explorer 2020, the company hasn’t even started building it yet.

Ford has confirmed that the SUV will be on sale in the U.S. this year, which will be a massive milestone for the brand.

Ford said the Explorer 2020 is going to be the most expensive vehicle in its lineup.

The new car will be available starting at $36.3 million.

The company has yet to announce the exact price, but it is expected to be around $35 million, which means it will be the first car in Ford’s lineup that starts at that price.

The company also confirmed that Ford will offer an all-wheel drive variant of the Explorer, as well as an all wheel drive variant with a V6 engine.

The Explorer 2020 will be Ford’s largest SUV to date, but the company has promised that it will make more of these vehicles in the future.

The brand also announced that it has launched a new online service, FordShare, which offers customers a variety of content, including videos, interviews and even product shots.

This is the latest attempt to get Ford to open up its platform to more content creators, and this service should help to make this a reality.