Amtrak to test rail exploration tools in 2020

Amtrak announced Friday that it plans to test the exploration tools for railroads in 2020.

The project, known as the Explore Rail Program, will allow the agency to conduct exploration of the waterways of the Northeast Corridor, as well as rail lines along the Gulf Coast and to the West Coast, the agency said.

The Amtrak program will use a new digital mapping tool called Explore Rail, which Amtrak describes as a way to enable people to learn about the rivers, streams and land in the United States, including river and river crossings, navigational routes and shoreline elevation data.

It also will allow Amtrak to track the number of crossings, the number and location of wildlife and invasive species, and their effects on wildlife, the Amtrak statement said.

“The Explore Rail program is the next step in the journey toward making the United State more accessible to rail travel,” Amtrak CEO David Cohen said in a statement.

“It’s a step toward creating a more open, more accessible, and more prosperous America.

I am so proud of Amtrak and its work in this program.

It will give us access to our nation’s waterways and allow us to learn more about our country’s history, heritage, and geography, and our future.”

The Explore Rails program is a collaborative effort between Amtrak and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U,S.

Geological Survey, the National Park Service, Amtrak, and state and local governments.

The program, which will begin in 2020, will be funded through a matching grant from the federal government.

It is part of Amtrak’s efforts to expand access to its rail network.

The Explore Train project is one of several initiatives the railroad will conduct to expand the railroad’s reach into the U., including the first-ever rail crossing at the New York City Penn Station, the opening of a new Amtrak hub at the George Washington Bridge, and the installation of a station in Atlanta.