Ford Explorer Sport to debut in 2019

The Ford Explorer is going back to basics with a new version, the Explorer Sport, aimed at the hardcore explorer.

The new Explorer Sport is an SUV with a four-cylinder engine that powers a manual transmission and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Ford says the Sport is the first new SUV to offer a four cylinder engine in over 20 years.

Ford’s engine, a V-6, is the same as the one found in the Ford Fusion SUV, the model that was introduced in 2019.

The automaker says the new engine delivers more power and torque than its predecessor.

The Explorer Sport has a base price of $41,495 and goes up to $49,995 in the U.S.

The sport is Ford’s first SUV to be equipped with an automatic transmission since the Fusion, and the company says the Explorer is the company’s most advanced SUV to date.

The Ford Fusion, Ford’s entry-level compact SUV, features an eight-speed manual transmission.

The Explorer Sport comes standard with an eight speed manual transmission that is optional for buyers.

The automaker also said the Explorer will be available in the 2019 model year in a variety of trim levels.