How to spot a scammer online

There is no shortage of scams in India, but it’s easy to spot those that are more sophisticated than others.

A scammer is one who is more likely to commit a crime, for instance, or who has been known to commit criminal acts, in order to enrich himself.

Here is a list of scams that are likely to attract the attention of scammer-investigators online.

Read more A few of the most common scams include those involving online shopping scams, such as those that charge you for goods or services, then ask you to pay the full amount without ever receiving the goods.

Scammers are also targeting people with low incomes, people with disabilities, or people who are unemployed.

If you feel suspicious, you can also check your credit card details and see if your bank has been compromised.

The scamsters are also often targeting those who are already aware of scams, as they often go through the same steps, such the same websites they visit and also their accounts.

You can also call the police and complain if you believe someone is trying to scam you.

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