How to change your Internet Explorer 11 settings to make it faster and more secure

The newest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers on the web, and it’s a popular choice for most people.

But there’s a new version out there that has a lot more features than the original, and one of those features is the ability to use a third-party browser instead of the official Microsoft browser.

That third-parties browser is Mozilla Firefox.

While it’s an open source browser, it has a limited amount of features and is more of a stand-alone application than the official version.

This means you can install it on your computer without having to download it.

This is especially useful if you’re not using Windows or Mac OS X.

Here’s how you can use Mozilla Firefox without installing it.1.

Go to Firefox’s settings.2.

Under the privacy section, select “Manage browser privacy settings.”3.

Find the “Allow third-platform software on Firefox” option and set it to “Never.”4.

Open up Firefox and go to the address bar.

Click the “Tools” menu icon.5.

Click “Extensions.”6.

Click on “Advanced.”7.

Select “Enable Firefox to use third-country third- party applications.”8.

Select the “Manual download of third- country third- platform software” option.9.

Click next.10.

Select your browser from the drop-down menu and hit “Download now.”11.

Open Firefox and hit the “Save changes” button.