White Ford explorer gets 3 million dollars worth of gold

A white Ford explorer is worth $3 million when it’s finally found.

The explorer, the first ever found in the United States, was found in a lake in southwestern Wisconsin on April 25.

“It’s just like a dream come true,” said Ken Kocher, a father of four from Buffalo, New York.

“It’s really exciting.”

It was discovered by a volunteer group from the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

They found the explorer in a shallow lake near a dam in the town of St. Cloud.

The vehicle was towed to the State Museum in Green Bay where it was auctioned off for the first time to the highest bidder, who paid $2 million.

The vehicle has now been sold.

The Ford Explorer has been used by a number of famous people including Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and many more.