Toyota Camry gets the new Ford Ranger as part of ‘Ranger for Life’ initiative

Fox Sports has confirmed the next Camry, the Ranger for Life, will be a Toyota.

The car, which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, will receive a facelift and a new design, including a new front fascia and the return of the sportier tailgate, which also incorporates LED lights.

It will come with a 7,100km (4,300 miles) range and a base price of $25,990.

It will go on sale in the US in September.

The Camry is currently the most popular Toyota in the country, and it is now a regular feature on the show floor.

In the past, Toyota has added cars to its annual Ranger For Life, including the Toyota Yaris.

The Ford Ranger will be the second Camry to receive the new design.

The Toyota Camrys Ranger For Lifelong program is aimed at keeping the car brand on the road and in the car industry for as long as possible.

The program was launched in 2011 and involves Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and other automakers.

It is a collaboration between the Ford Motor Company, the Ford-owned Alliance for Automotive Innovation (AFI), and Toyota Motor Corp (TM).