Stanford professor finds a way to help students find their own meaning in their research

Explore Meaning,Stanford’s program that teaches students how to discover their own values and find meaning in studying, has proven to be an effective tool for many students who are struggling to find their purpose in life.

In a video released by the university, a professor explains the concept of “unmasking” students and shows them how to use the tool to help them find their meaning in life:”It’s a little bit like a tool to get you out of the rut of not finding your way in life, but to give you a little more freedom,” Professor John G. Williams said in the video.

“I would say this is the ultimate in a lot of ways.”

Williams said the program has been successful at giving students a new sense of purpose, helping them feel like they’re living their life in the moment, and opening them up to more personal connections that help them to grow.

Students who are unmasked are given a free, self-guided tour of the Stanford campus and have the option to pay a $25 registration fee.

They also receive an array of tools to help find their way in their new found purpose, such as a personalized notebook, a list of mentors, and a weekly journal.

Williams also has students sign up for a weekly newsletter where they can learn about the school’s campus and the university.

The goal of the program is to help people who struggle with identity and social isolation, Williams said.

Williams, a social psychologist, said it’s important to note that unmasking doesn’t mean you are giving up your identity.

Williams’ team found that people who are unmasked do not give up their personal beliefs or values.

Instead, they seek out ways to bring those values into their own life.

Williams said he was inspired by a research study that showed people who were unmask.

“I’m a really strong believer in the importance of your own personal values, and that’s what we’re going to try to teach our students in this program,” Williams said, “We’re going be giving them the tools to do that.

We’re going the extra mile.”