How to explore Instagram in your car

If you’re looking for an alternative way to browse Instagram, the new Ford Explorer is here to help.

Ford announced the Explorer is now available in its dealerships and is available for purchase from April 15.

The Explorer is a four-door sedan that features a 3.7L four-cylinder engine with a combined output of 252 hp.

The Ford Explorer will be available in all-wheel drive and is priced at $23,995.

Ford says that Ford Explorer features the latest technologies to provide drivers with the best driving experience.

It also features Ford’s advanced safety technology.

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Ford said the Ford Expedition will be released in the spring.

The Expedition is the company’s flagship vehicle and it will be built in Detroit, Mich.

It will offer all-new features including a 3D-printer-ready suspension, new exterior colors and materials, an all-electric driving mode and a heated steering wheel.

Ford said it is also bringing its Focus Electric, Fusion and Escape electric vehicles to the United States.