Lenovo Internet Explorer update: Themes and shortcuts are now live

The latest version of Lenovo Internet browser update, version 11.8, includes a new set of themes and shortcuts for Windows 10 users.

The latest release of the Internet Explorer browser also includes a feature that lets you install apps from the Windows Store, a feature Google is also rumored to be working on for the browser.

The Lenovo Internet explorer update for Windows 8.1 users includes a couple of new features, too.

First, users will now be able to pin apps to the Start Menu with a new pin icon.

This feature, which was previously available only to users who were signed into Windows 7 or Windows 8, is available on the new Lenovo Internet Browser update.

Lenovo Internet can now open in a new tab or window when using the Start button.

A new icon for the Start menu has been added to the left of the screen, as well.

When you hover over the icon, a new menu will appear in the upper right corner of the Start screen.

This new menu allows you to choose between a standard Start menu, a Start menu with pinned apps, and a Start screen with pinned icons.

The new Start menu lets you pin a number of apps to your Start menu.

When pinned to your start menu, pinned apps can be launched from the Start page or a list of pinned apps.

You can also pin multiple pinned apps together by using the new pinned menu option.

The pin icon will also appear when pinning apps to a Start page.

You will see a small icon for each pinned app on the Start bar.

The pinned menu will automatically close when the pinned app is removed.

The Start menu is also now accessible from the Control Panel.

For example, you can open the Settings app from the right side of the Control panel.

The Settings app is accessed by holding the shift key while tapping on the desktop.

In the Settings section, you will see two new options: the Settings icon and the app icon.

The icon will change color when you open the app.

You also can now toggle between the “Always open apps” and “Never open apps.”

You can now use the Windows Lock screen and the taskbar to close apps that are pinned to the Windows Start menu or pinned to a pinned app.

When a pinned application is removed from the Settings screen, the app will now remain on the Lock screen, and you can close it.

The “Pin apps” feature was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The feature was supposed to arrive with Windows 10 but was delayed until November.

The device maker recently updated its website to say that Windows 10 will not support pinned apps in the Settings menu.