When will the Capitals be able to unscramble the Capitals?

The Capitals have been trying to unschedule a game for months, but the league has finally agreed to allow them to try it.

The Caps were given until July 5 to make the decision, which means they can do it today.

The Capitals, as you might have heard, are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night in a game that has been delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are all the things that will be happening:If the Penguins win, the Capitals will be able take the game on the road against the Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena, which is the home of the Predators.

That would be the only game at Bridging the Valley.

If the Capitals win, they’ll have to play their next game at home against the New York Islanders, but there will be no travel from the New Jersey area.

The Islanders will have a home game against the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night.

The Penguins are slated to play at the Washington Metropolitan Sports Center on Friday, which would be a two-hour drive from Washington.