How to watch ‘The Walking Dead’: First look at the new show in full

A new drama starring the actor who plays Carl Grimes has been announced, and it’s coming from the man who played the titular character on AMC’s hit drama, The Walking Dead.

A limited-run of episodes of the drama, set in the aftermath of a zombie pandemic, will premiere in the US on The CW, the network announced Thursday.

It is based on the books by Robert Kirkman and Andy Lanning.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Robert Kirkmann and Andy Landon to bring the story of Carl Grimes to life on The Walking Darken,” said CW Entertainment president David Nevins.

“The Walking Darkened will explore the dark and gritty world of The Walking.

And fans will have the opportunity to catch the first full season of Carl’s journey in early 2017.”

The Walking, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s overrun with zombies, has a history of bringing dark storytelling to the screen.

The series debuted in January with the debut of the fourth season, which explored the relationship between Carl and his father.

In the show, Carl is an aspiring actor and struggles to make a living as a paramedic.

His life becomes a battle of survival when a group of survivors comes to town to find his father dead, and his mother takes over his family business.

After his father’s death, Carl begins to care for the survivors, who are now his closest friends.