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Explore America, the largest online kayaking adventure company in the US, is bringing kayaks and kayaking trips to Israel and Israel’s exclusive waters, including the Sea of Galilee, and is launching a series of new Kayak Adventure Adventures.

The company is partnering with Israel’s largest national yacht club, the Israel Chamber of Commerce, to launch a new series of kayaking adventures, including kayaks, with the support of the Israel Kayak Club.

The new kayak adventures will launch on June 2, 2019.

The Kayak Discovery Adventure will feature a unique experience, as kayaks can be taken on the Israeli coast, the Sea Orphan Islands and the Black Sea.

Kayak Adventure will also be the first and only kayaking trip to be guided by Israeli Captain Daniel Tsevler, and will include kayaks from the K2 kayaks. 

The Kayaking Adventures will be open to the public for kayaking and can be booked online for the first time, or by calling (877) 684-8830.

Israel’s national yacht group, the Israeli Chamber of Business, will host a series at its headquarters on April 15 to launch the Kayak Exploration Adventure.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Explore America to create this adventure series,” said Rabbi Daniel Kupfer, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s board of directors.

 “Kayak Adventures is a unique and thrilling adventure, a unique opportunity to experience the Israel-Israel maritime landscape, as well as to get a taste of the rich, beautiful and historic sea that is Israel.”